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Dead Animal Removal Services in Dallas & Houston

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Dead Animal Removal is Important:

Dead Animal
Removal Cost

As with most professional services, the total cost for dead animal removal is influenced by a number of factors. The type of animal, size and location of its carcass, and the number of bodies will all impact the difficulty of the job and its subsequent cost.

At Trapping USA, we aim to provide cost-effective solutions for your dead animal needs. Dead animals often carry diseases, which can quickly spread to family, friends, and dogs or cats. We’d like to avoid such consequences by removing the carcass as soon as possible. When you call for dead animal removal, our expert wildlife specialists will provide you with a quote. This will factor in all fees associated with the job. You’ll know the cost before we begin, and can decide whether or not you want to proceed.

Dead Animal Removal for
Residential and Commercial Properties

Dead animals leave behind a horrible odor. As the body continues to decay, the smell will become more and more noticeable and eventually, unbearable. The odor is only the first concern when it comes to having a dead animal on your property.

An animal carcass can bring in other creatures and insects riddled with disease, thus becoming a serious threat to your property and occupants. Dead animal removal services safely remove carcasses and the associated threats from privately owned properties in Dallas and surrounding areas.

*** Note ***
We do not provide dead animal removal from public streets, alleys, parks, or other public spaces. Call your local city services for more information – In the City of Dallas, dial 3-1-1.

Trapping USA can safely and effectively remove dead animals from your residential or commercial property. We not only remove and dispose of the carcasses, but we can help remove any smells emanating due to decomposition.

Hire a Professional Dead Animal Removal Service

A professional service can locate carcasses that are hidden in walls, attics and crawl spaces, as well as repair damage from the decomposition process. When you hire Trapping USA, you will receive a full removal service that includes:

Contact The Experts

If you suspect an animal has entered your home.

Contact Trapping USA for expert animal control services.

You can reach us today by calling 469-481-6552 (Dallas) or 832-693-1833 (Houston)!


Locating the dead animal carcass.


Removing the carcass along with any bodily fluids and insects that are left behind.


Deodorizing and sanitizing the area to prevent the attraction of other rodents and pests.


Sealing off points of entry to prevent any further infestations.


Repairing any damage from the dead animal decomposing.


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