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Affordable Commercial Wildlife Removal Service in Dallas & Houston, TX

With the encroachment of human settlement into areas that were once completely wild, problems with wildlife invasions and rodent infestations have become commonplace for many modern business owners in Texas.

What Signs

May Indicate a Wildlife Problem?

Seeing some droppings on the floor behind one of your bookcases is a sure sign that you might have a wildlife infestation of some type, but there are many other additional signs that an animal could be making a home inside your building.

Some of these signs mean your infestation is at an advanced level where you may have multiple animals inside your building. Other signs aren’t so obvious, and a professional may be the only one to notice the problems during an inspection.

whether you own an automotive repair shop

in Dallas or are in charge of a high-rise office building in Downtown Houston, the experienced crew at Trapping USA can assist with any commercial wildlife control needs you may have.


You might have birds in the rafters leaving their droppings on the heads of your workers, or you might have squirrels eating through the wires of your expensive manufacturing equipment. Perhaps you have a family of raccoons making a home in the duct work of your retail store. Don’t risk a dangerous confrontation between these unwanted animals and your employees, customers, or anyone else who might come into your business.

Preventative Tips

Rodents and other wildlife species can be hard to differentiate once they take up home in your attic or crawl spaces. If you hear scratching noises at night between midnight at 4:00 am, you might have a rodent issue. If you notice sounds like chewing, chirping or what resembles marbles rolling across the floor, you might also have a rodent issue.

How Can Trapping USA Can Help!

How Can Trapping USA Get Rid of My Wildlife Problem?

The first thing we’ll do to help you remove unwanted wildlife from your commercial property is conduct a comprehensive inspection of the interior and exterior of your property. We’ll look for potential entry points where wildlife may get inside your buildings and recommend traps or exclusion of the wildlife.


We place a priority on ensuring the safety of your employees during our wildlife removal work, and we also make recommendations designed to make sure you won’t have to deal with a similar invasion of unwanted animals in the future. You can deter future infestations by performing simple tasks like sealing garbage cans and ensuring all screens around your property are sound.


These and other actions will ensure our work is successful and long lasting. If you wish, we can perform inspections on a recurring basis to ensure that additional wildlife hasn’t decided to encroach upon your business.

Let Trapping USA Take Care of Potentially Dangerous Wildlife

Animals may look cute on the television when you’re watching a nature show, but they aren’t always so nice or safe when they’re making a home inside your business. Keeping your employees, guests, and customers safe is the most important action you can take as a business owner, and that means ensuring potentially dangerous wildlife isn’t making a home in or around your company’s buildings.

Trapping USA can assist with animal removal operations of any size whether you own a large manufacturing company in Dallas or you run a small retail business in a Houston suburb. Contact us today for more information on our wildlife control services for your commercial business.

Contact The Experts

If you suspect an animal has entered your home.

Contact Trapping USA for expert animal control services.

You can reach us today by calling 469-481-6552 (Dallas) or 832-693-1833 (Houston)!


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