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Facts About coyote

Coyotes have lived near humans for thousands of years. Unfortunately, most of today’s folk stories about coyotes end with household pets going missing in the night. Coyotes often hunt in packs, and they love an easy meal. To a single hungry coyote, a domesticated dog or cat can look like a quick snatch-and-grab. Coyotes are smart and sometimes dangerous. While they primarily feed on rabbits and rodents, they adapt to survive. Attacks on humans, while rare, can be vicious.

the coyote

Found throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the coyote can live almost anywhere. The coyote population is blossoming throughout the country. Some have even been captured in downtown areas, walking down the road.

Coyotes usually travel in family units, especially during breeding season. The size of each family unit varies depending on the area’s food and resources. There must be enough to sustain the entire group; otherwise, they splinter. When there is little food, coyotes may come into residential areas and seek shelter and sustenance.

Coyote Trapping and Safe Removal

If you notice a coyote in your backyard or near your business, do not approach the wild animal. Doing so may be dangerous. When backed into a corner, coyotes will not hesitate to defend themselves. First off, contact Trapping USA. We have experience in safely removing and relocating coyotes from populated regions. Our specialists possess the tools and knowledge to help control coyotes safely and humanely.

Again, do not attempt to handle the situation on your own. There is no reason why you should try to remove or relocate a coyote.

We can help get rid of your coyote problem once and for all.

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