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Bird Removal Services in Dallas & Houston, TX


Bird Removal Services in Dallas & Houston, TX

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Birds can cause a range of problems for your property – some more of a nuisance, while others are a serious hazard. Effective bird trapping is important, because without it your property could:

Pigeons and other pest-like birds are invasive and difficult to remove. Once they have established a nest, they begin to cause structural and aesthetic damage. Birds can also pose a severe health risk that could cause the health department to get involved.

Attic restoration for bird infestations

In the case of bird infestations taking up space in your attic, we always strongly recommend opting for an attic restoration as part of the decontamination procedure. If birds have been in your attic, it is safe to assume that any insulation you have is replete with their feces, feathers, urine, lice, and pathogens. The attic restoration procedure involves going through the rest of our three-step process first.

Compared to other animals, birds are among the most likely to set up a habitat in attic spaces. Their ability to fly frees them from the need to reach access points by crawling up walls or jumping from nearby trees. Their small size allows them to make use of entry points that would otherwise prevent larger animals such as raccoons or opossums from entering. And due to their territorialism, once they have commenced nesting habits, they will keep returning for as long as they possibly can. Even after all their eggs and their hatchlings leave the next, you can rest assured birds will return to the same space next year in order to take advantage of the nests that were built previously.

Birds are likely the form of wildlife most often encountered by residents of urban areas. The Dallas and Houston metroplexes are no exception. In fact, they are so common that many people may not think of things like pigeons or grackles as being wildlife at all. But they can be just as invasive as any other, more ground-bound, creature. In some ways, their potential for destructive or hazardous effects is even higher.

To start with, birds can ruin a building’s exterior. Their droppings, in addition to being generally unsightly, can cause damage to any painted surfaces as they decompose over time. And as more birds move into an area, these droppings become more and more widespread.

Birds’ nesting behavior can also damage human structures. As birds search for good nesting sites, they will scratch and peck at multiple surfaces. Once they have found a good spot, they will start building nests with whatever suitable materials they can find. This can include insulation, wiring, and all sorts of other materials used by people to build habitable structures. And since birds will generally move in groups, these multiple small damages can quickly add up to a very large overall problem.

Owners of a business infested by birds are especially susceptible to detrimental effects. The volume of feces birds can leave in their wake, the never-ending noise they can make, the damages they can cause, and the feeding behavior they can adopt of pestering visitors for morsels can easily drive away customers, clients, and potential business partners. In the business world more than anywhere else, first impressions are absolutely vital to success. Bird infestations create an immediate handicap towards reaching your goals as business owner.

We will also decontaminate the area, ensuring that no traces of bird waste or nesting material remain. This is critical to ensuring pathogens don’t remain in the area. It also prevents issues in the future of insects being attracted to the waste birds have left behind and creating an infestation of their own. Not to mention the presence of numerous parasites that birds carry in their feathers.

In addition, birds can carry over sixty different zoonoses. Some of the possible diseases people may contract from pigeons alone, for example, are salmonellosis, paratyphoid fever, psittacosis, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and various forms of hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Lastly, it should be emphasized that “birds” is merely an umbrella term. There are hundreds of species and sub-species of birds in the Dallas / Fort Worth area alone. Each of these has its own behavioral patterns and instincts, from nesting to feeding to aggression.

Professional Bird Removal Services

Controlling birds is different than trapping other rodent and animal infestations. Pigeons, gulls, starlings and other pest-type birds can wreak havoc on your property. They damage the aesthetic appeal of your building’s exterior, and pose significant safety and health hazards to occupants. Proper bird control can remove birds from the premises and prevent them from coming back in the future.

Trapping USA implements a bird control process that is customized to your property and is harmless to the birds being removed.

Effective Bird Control Starts With the Right Professionals

Trapping USA uses an exclusive, harmless method to remove birds from your property and keep them from coming back. Our meticulously-trained, knowledgeable staff can deter birds from your property, locate and remove nests, and sanitize the area. Our bird control process also involves a deterrent system which will prevent these pests from setting up nests somewhere else on your property.

Trapping USA is compliant with all relevant legalities and guidelines for bird infestation removal, and is familiar with the behavioral habits of all the birds in the area. As a licensed, humane animal removal company, we are able to identify the specific issue causing problems on your property, exercise an effective solution for its removal, and prevent the issue from returning in the future. We can do this while precluding your property from further damage, and can repair the damage that was caused before we arrived. All of this while keeping the animals in question safe as well.

Bird infestations require a different response than infestations by other animals do. The particularities of birds’ abilities and behaviors mean that basic trapping schedules and methods will be ineffective. Because of this, if you see birds coming into your property, you need to call Trapping USA immediately. The more time you attempt to trap and remove birds without success, the more time you give them to settle in. And as the birds continue to adjust to the shelter your property provides, the more stubbornly aggressive they will become in their infestation.

Any bird nests located on or in your property will be removed by Trapping USA’s trained technicians for relocation while following all applicable laws. The birds will be driven out of the property over a multi-week period using natural means. By adding in appropriate structural elements to the property’s environment, we convert the space into an area that makes birds feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. After all birds have abandoned the property, all entry and exit points will be permanently sealed to further deter birds from returning.

Whether you are dealing with a new or recurring bird issue, you need a wildlife and animal removal service that can safely and effectively eradicate the problem. With the right combination of bird control techniques, you can preserve the integrity and appeal of your property.

Things to keep in mind
when facing a Bird infestation

Identifying a Birds Problem

Birds are one of the more visible forms of wildlife in the DFW metroplex. They are so common that many people may have a full-blown infestation without knowing about it for some time. But these infestations are just as hazardous as any other. If you see any of the following, contact Trapping USA right away to set up a time for our free inspection process:


Trapping and humanely removing the animals.


Locating entry points and sealing them off.


Decontaminating and repairing the property from birds infestation damage.


Taking proper measures to ensure birds do not come back.

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Trapping USA implements a bird removal process that is customized to your property and is harmless to the birds being removed.

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