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Attic Restoration Services

Your Dallas Area Property. In the case of a severe infestation, an attic restoration may be the only way to keep your home healthy for you and your family. An attic restoration consists of 3 steps.


We start by removing all feces, urine, nesting sites and previous insulation in the attic.


Next Trapping USA will execute its state-of-the-art 5 series decontamination of your entire attic space including the beams, drywall and everywhere in between


Lastly we will blow in all new insulation back into the attic to a R-value of R38.

This is the new construction standard insulation level so your attic will be absolutely as good as new!

The only insulation that we use is the highest quality fiberglass insulation that is eco friendly. We will never blow in low quality cellulose insulation like our competitors and always go to r-38 value. Attic restorations are time consuming and a very detailed process. Trapping USA is Texas’ leading attic restoration company for rodent infestations. All of our competitors blow in far less new insulation and do not thoroughly sanitize your attic. When Trapping USA restores your attic, it will be healthy for you and our family again and will save you money on your energy bills! This increased energy efficiency in your home and can safe you thousands of dollars over the course of years.

Our desire to protect the environment means that we take pride in our attic restorations ability to conserve your energy and conserve the environment. If you have had animals in your attic it is imperative that you call Trapping USA immediately to make sure you and your family are not in danger from feces in the attic.

Attic Restoration Services

Our attic restoration division specializes in the restoration, sanitizing and decontamination of attics that have been infested by animals like Raccoons, Opossums, Bats, Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Birds and other animals.
When these animals make your living space or workplace their home they are accompanied by their parasites and diseases. All of these animals leave their feces and urine in your insulation, destroy A/C ductwork, expose electrical wiring, damage drywall and much more.

Once the animals are removed from your attic and all of the entry points are closed we will do a complete attic restoration. Raccoons, opossums, rats, mice, squirrels, bats, snakes, pigeons and skunks

leave feces in your attic that can result in both immediate and long term health hazards.

Raccoon feces can contain a raccoon roundworm called baylisascaris procyonis. This is a parasitic worm that infects humans and can be fatal. Millions of eggs are produced from one worm. These eggs can become airborne and when humans breath them in it can lead to larval parasite migration to the central nervous system. Infection of baylisascaris can also be transmitted by coming in direct contact with raccoon feces. The eggs can live for years in dry feces.

Humans can also contract the following diseases from raccoon feces:

Giardia lamblia


Trypanosoma cruzi


Rickettsia rickettsii

Feces (or guano) from bats and pigeons is extremely dangerous. They can carry Histoplasmosis fungal spores that can be released into the air and ingested into human lungs. Histoplasmosis can lead to chronic illness and even death. This feces must only be removed by a professional. Feces from opossums, rats, mice, skunks, squirrels and snakes an lead to Salmonellosis or Leptospirosis.

When we treat your attic we will be using an antimicrobial, bactericide, fungicide, deodorant, and insecticide treatment. What we use will kill all parasites, ecto-parasites and diseases associated with all of the animals we deal with. It will also kill insects, mold, mildew and bacteria odors from the animal and its urine/feces and provides long lasting residual protection.

Steps to Our Attic Restoration

Treat the attic 3 times with an antimicrobial, antiviral, fungicide, pesticide, disinfectant, and deodorizer. Any feces in the attic will be treated to make sure any diseases that can be contracted by airborne spores are prevented. Treatments will occur before and after contaminated insulation is removed and replaced.
Feces and urine saturated insulation will be removed. We get all insulation and feces out leaving nothing behind. This is what we specialize in and what separates us from other companies.
We then replace the insulation back to an R38 which will save you money on your heating/cooling bill.

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