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animal removal service Dallas Texas

Are you dealing with unwanted wildlife in Mesquite, TX? Look no further than Trapping USA Animal Removal & Pest Control, your trusted local family-owned business serving the Dallas and Houston metropolitan areas.

We provide a wide range of
animal removal Mesquite TX locals need. From trapping and relocating nuisance animals to comprehensive exclusion services, we have the expertise and tools to handle any situation. Our full-exclusion Mesquite animal removal services are designed to seal off all exterior entry and exit points, both on the exterior and interior of your property, effectively preventing wildlife from re-entering.


Using high-quality materials, such as paint-matched aluminum flashing, silicone, hardware cloth, and backer rods, we ensure that every area of your property is seamlessly sealed and aesthetically pleasing. We take pride in our work, striving to maintain the curb appeal of your home or business while effectively animal-proofing the premises. We understand every property is unique, so we provide the customized services locals have been looking for. Whether you’re dealing with raccoons in the attic, squirrels in the chimney, or bats in the eaves, we have the experience and expertise to handle it all.

Don’t let wildlife take over your property. Let our
Mesquite animal removal experts help you reclaim your space and enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is protected against unwanted intruders.

Wildlife Removal & Trapping Services

Attic Restoration: Comprehensive Mesquite Wildlife Removal Service

Trapping USA Animal Removal & Pest Control is your go-to solution for comprehensive wildlife removal and attic restoration services when animals invade your Mesquite property. As a local family-owned business, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable and effective Mesquite wildlife removal to rid your home or business of pesky intruders.

Our attic restoration services are essential for properties with attic spaces contaminated by animal feces and urine or where the current insulation is old and ineffective. We start by removing all contaminated insulation, followed by a thorough three-step cleaning process involving disinfection, sanitization, and virucide treatment.

Additionally, our attic vacuuming service covers the entire area, including decking and AC units, to ensure a complete clean. To restore your attic to its former glory, we blow in brand-new fiberglass or cellulose insulation, meeting or exceeding code requirements (R38) for optimal energy efficiency. This leaves your attic or crawl space fresh and fully restored. 

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Mesquite Animal Removal Exclusion Services You Need

Protecting your property from wildlife intrusions requires more than just removing the immediate threat. At Trapping USA, we offer comprehensive animal removal Mesquite TX services to ensure your peace of mind lasts long after the critters are gone. Our meticulous approach seals off all potential entry points, from eaves to garage door corners, leaving no opportunity for unwanted guests to return. With our tailored exclusion plans and expert inspections, your property will be fortified against wildlife intrusions, safeguarding your investment for years to come.


Our comprehensive exclusion services ensure that all potential entry points are sealed off to prevent future wildlife intrusions.

Common exclusion areas include eaves, fascia trim, soffit board trim, AC lines, turbine vents, ridge vents, circle vents, garage door weatherstripping, garage door corners, weep holes, and brick or trim gaps. Our initial Mesquite wildlife removal service begins with a detailed inspection to identify these areas and develop a customized exclusion plan tailored to your property’s unique needs.


With Trapping USA, you can trust that your Mesquite property will be protected against unwanted wildlife intrusions from top to bottom. Contact us today for comprehensive animal removal services and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is in expert hands.

The Premium Wildlife Removal Mesquite TX Residents Have Been Looking For

At Trapping USA Animal Removal & Pest Control, we don’t just provide the basic wildlife removal Mesquite TX residents are used to—we offer premium services tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer and property.

Our comprehensive approach begins with a thorough inspection phase, where our trained professionals conduct a meticulous assessment of your property to develop effective wildlife removal and prevention strategies.


During the inspection, our team conducts a detailed property survey, examining indoor and outdoor areas, such as attics, crawl spaces, basements, sheds, and garages, for signs of wildlife activity. From droppings and tracks to chew marks and scratching, we leave no stone unturned in identifying the presence and extent of the infestation. We also analyze potential entry points used by wildlife to access your property, including gaps in the foundation, roof damage, vents, and openings around pipes, which allows us to develop a comprehensive risk assessment, taking into account factors such as food sources, water availability, and habitat suitability.


Throughout the inspection process, we maintain open communication with you, discussing our findings, addressing any concerns or questions you may have, and providing recommendations for wildlife removal and prevention measures. Once we’ve confirmed the necessary removal and trapping techniques, we meticulously complete the service. To ensure your peace of mind, we offer workmanship warranties on services rendered and excluded, ranging from 12 to 120 months depending on the services rendered and the condition of your property. With our reliable professionals, you can trust that you’re receiving the top-notch wildlife removal Mesquite TX residents deserve. Experience the difference firsthand and reclaim your property from unwanted intruders.

The Expert Wildlife Control Mesquite TX Locals Trust

Trapping USA Animal Removal & Pest Control is your trusted partner in expert wildlife control services. With our meticulous inspection process, tailored removal strategies, and comprehensive warranties, we’re committed to ensuring results that exceed your expectations.

When you choose our dependable wildlife control Mesquite TX locals rely on, you’re not just getting basic wildlife removal—you’re getting a premium service designed to address the unique needs of your property. Our team of trained professionals goes above and beyond to ensure that every corner of your home or business is thoroughly assessed and protected against unwanted intruders. From the initial inspection to the completion of the service, we prioritize clear communication, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

We understand the importance of feeling safe and secure in your own space, which is why we offer workmanship warranties on all services rendered and excluded. Our warranty services illustrate our commitment to delivering lasting solutions and ensuring your complete satisfaction with our wildlife control services.


Don’t let wildlife take over your Mesquite property; hire our team at Trapping USA Animal Removal & Pest Control today for the reliable wildlife control Mesquite TX locals trust. Let us help you reclaim your space and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is in expert hands. 

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