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Spring Animal Removal Service

There are countless ways for wildlife to enter a home or business. For example, animals may locate an exterior vent, or perhaps a crack in the siding. Some rodents can fit through unbelievably small holes and cracks. You’ll notice they’re inside due to the sounds of scraping and perhaps chewed portions of walls or food boxes. It’s at this time that you should call Trapping USA for Spring animal control services!

Rat Removal

Squirrel Removal

Wildlife Control

Decontamination Services

Wildlife Trapping & Removal Service

Local Wildlife Control Services

Local wildlife here in Spring Texas is quite varied. There are rats, squirrels, snakes, opossums, and squirrels to deal with. Our team has experience with each species, and knows how to control and remove them properly!

Spring Dead Animal Pick-up

Dead animal removal is a specialty of ours. Our experienced team knows how to accurately pick-up and dispose of an animal carcass. You never want to leave the issue too long. Dead animals carry disease, and the smell alone is worth taking action.

Trapping Services

Our animal and wildlife trapping services are designed to be efficient. We know you don’t have time to waste. You have business to attend to. Our trapping services help rid your yard or property of wildlife in no time at all!

Rodent Removal Spring

Rodents are all too common. They find their way into the walls, floors, and ceilings of our homes, searching for food and warmth. Once nested, rodents become an even worse issue to handle. We know how to avoid further incursions and remove the current pests.

Rid rats/mice for good. Trapping USA have the experience and technology to eradicate the rodent problem for both commercial and residential: learn more>>>

Houston opossum removal can be a challenging task. The best method for controlling an opossum population is prevention

We are experienced in trapping and handling dangerous wildlife. If you need squirrel removal service in Dallas contact us today.

Wildlife techs are highly trained in identifying snake species and are equipped to handle all types of snake removal.

Do you need a Dallas raccoon removal? Contact our expert animal removal team today.

One effective method for skunk removal is live trapping. This involves setting up a trap that will safely capture the skunk without harming it.

If you have an Armadillo problem and need professional help call Trapping USA at (469) 481-6552 in North Texas

We perform hog removal for commercial and residential properties. Hogs carry a variety of diseases and parasites that can be transferred to humans.

In Dallas we removal muscovy ducks. Ducks are protected by the Migratory Bird Act; they cannot generally be removed from an area without consulting trained experts. Attempting to do so may put you at risk of sever legal penalties, and may even be ineffective depending on the habits of the particular duck species in question.

The most effective and humane way to remove bats is by utilizing a bat valve in conjunction with a full home exclusion

When birds nest in or around your property, they can become a big nuisance. Call us for Dallas bird removal service

Coyotes can be dangerous if backed into a corner. At Trapping USA, we offer humane and safe removal solutions. Give us a call today at (469) 481-6552.

We practice humane fox removal techniques that ensure a safe and effective solution to your fox issue

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