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Critter Free Zone!

We know buying a house is one of the biggest investments most people make in their life, Trapping USA understand that and is committed to our customers and their residence, we stand behind our work and guarantee a critter free zone.


Disease Free Environment!

We all know various animal carry diseases, some more deadly than others, as part of our process we ensure that all areas affected by the invasion of critters is properly sanitized and disease free, we use environmentally friendly products that eliminate all traces left behind by unwelcome guest. Trapping USA uses human and environmentally friendly products to ensure a disease free environment is achieved after or process is competed.


Leave It Cleaner Than How We Found It!

Unlike the critters invading your personal space, we are a guest where you reside, and whether we spend a few hours or all day, we will go above and beyond to ensure that after our assistance is no longer needed, You know Trapping USA was there. All areas explored by our professional team will be left cleaner than how we found it!

Disclaimer: Warranty varies depending on service rendered and agreed upon with contract.


Dallas AREAS

Dallas AREAS



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