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Squirrel Removal Service in Dallas & Houston


Squirrel Removal Service in Dallas & Houston

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Dallas and Houston about squirrel trapping

Squirrels are the second most common cause of animal infestations in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, trailing only the combined category of rats and mice. Like other rodents, they have a constant need to chew and gnaw on any susceptible materials they may find. All of the materials commonly used in the construction of houses pose good targets for squirrels to hone down their incisors – wiring, drywall, vinyl, wood, and even some masonry. The defining characteristic of a rodent is that it has two pairs of incisors that continue to grow throughout the animal’s lifetime. Rodents don’t chew up everything in sight out of malice or even stupidity; the fact that their incisors are constantly growing means they have to be continually worn down. If they weren’t, the teeth would continue to grow without stopping, going so far as to pierce the animal’s own mandibles. The front of these incisors is covered with very hard enamel, whereas the rearward supporting structure is made of a much softer dentine. The act of gnawing wears down the dentine much faster than the enamel, which molds the incisors into finely honed chisels which can get through just about anything. Combine a chisel edge with a constant need to use it, and you can begin to understand the threat rodents pose to any sort of structure – including your home or business.

Trapping USA is aware of all of these factors, and more. In response, we have developed a comprehensive squirrel removal procedure that aims to supersede those of our competitors. We implement our unique and proven three-step process with modifications made specifically for squirrels. This process allows squirrels to be removed from the property without coming to harm, while also ensuring they are entirely incapable of returning.

This is extremely important for any animal control procedure, but even more so in the case of squirrels. Squirrels are highly territorial; once a nest is created, they are extremely difficult to remove from the area. This territorialism combined with their agility means they will often return to areas that may be surprising in how hard they are to even identify, much less reach. Even if these out-of-reach nests are removed, it is absolutely assured that they will simply reappear almost immediately if proper measures are not taken to completely preclude their coming back.

To say squirrels are important to the local ecosystem would be a massive understatement. Entire forests can live or die based on the presence of squirrels. Their instinct to create nut caches far outpaces their need for actual sustenance. Every year, squirrels leave far more nuts buried than they eat. This is one example of why humane animal removal is an important part of living in an area with wildlife interactions.

And Trapping USA’s humane trapping methods do not stop at keeping individual squirrels from coming to harm. Not only is it vital to keep squirrels alive and active, it is vital to keep them reproducing as well. Our trapping methods allow squirrel litters to continue being taken care of by their parents until they mature to a point of self-sustenance. At the same time, our particularly involved exclusion process will ensure that neither the squirrels we remove nor their offspring will ever be able to return to your own property to resume damaging it.

Squirrels will chew on your property’s electrical wires, cause damage to your drywall and even destroy fascia boards in your Dallas property. The problem with a squirrel infestation goes well beyond property damage – in fact, it can be detrimental to your health. Squirrels carry an array of diseases and contaminate your property.

Squirrel removal should always be handled by a professional service so that the squirrels are not only removed, but the damage and contamination is removed along with them.

Attic restoration for squirrel infestations

In addition to the filth, damage, and disease rodents can spread throughout your house or business as a whole, the insulation present in attic spaces is especially susceptible to contamination by rodents. What many may not realize is that squirrels are generally far more destructive than rats once they move into your attic.

As mentioned before, squirrels don’t drop waste haphazardly as they travel. They designate specific portions of the area they inhabit as waste areas and leave their droppings in these sections exclusively. While this does make them cleaner than rats, it also hammers the point home that squirrels see the area they’re in as their actual home.

This will completely clear out any and all traces of rodent activity from your attic for good and will make your property both unassailable and undesirable to any such animals in the future. This effect will be enforced by a guarantee promising that you will never suffer infestations from the same animal again. If for some reason the animals in question do return, we will remove them again, reinforce our previous work, and do whatever else may be necessary to correct the matter – at no further cost to you.

Trapping USA can help your home or business eradicate a squirrel problem. We use humane, live trapping systems that help remove squirrels safely from your property.

Squirrel Prevention Tips

Squirrels are typically less frequent in households than mice or pigeons. However, it still happens. Over time, whether due to wear and tear or weather, a hole in the attic or roof may allow squirrels entrance. A family of squirrels may then form a nest and live in relative safety and warmth. Prevention is crucial.

Grey and Red squirrels are considered rodents. Their teeth grow, and they gnaw on wood, such as support beams and walls, to wear them down. They cause extensive damage to homes. They also love an attic. It’s their first stop, so start your prevention there.

Things to keep in mind
while dealing with a squirrel infestation

Identifying a squirrel problem

Rodents and other wildlife species can be hard to differentiate once they take up home in your attic or crawl spaces. The following are some of the most recognizable indicators of the presence of squirrels in your home. If you are encountering any of these phenomena, set up an appointment with Trapping USA right away and let us do a free inspection to determine the cause:

Squirrel Removal in Four Easy Steps

The team at Trapping USA will ensure that squirrels are removed from your property and they never return. We will pinpoint their entry points, seal those off, and then humanely remove the squirrels from your property.

We implement a four-phase strategy that includes:


Trapping and humanely removing the animals.


Locating entry points and sealing them off.


Decontaminating and repairing the property from squirrel infestation damage.


Taking proper measures to ensure squirrels do not come back.

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If you have noticed signs of a squirrel infestation in your home such as chewed boards, signs of feces or urine or you have seen squirrels entering and exiting around your property, contact a wildlife and animal removal service company today. If you suspect you have a Squirrel problem and you are in need of Squirrel removal, contact Trapping USA by calling (469) 481-6552 in North Texas, (832) 474-7755 in Houston or contact us online to inquire about our wildlife and animal removal services. We service residential and commercial customers throughout North Texas in towns such as Addison, Allen, Arlington, Carrollton, The Colony, Dallas, Flower Mound, Frisco, Garland, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Irving, Lewisville, McKinney, Plano, Prosper, Richardson, Rockwall, Rowlett and more!

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