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The best way to avoid an infestation of wildlife or rodents at your business is to conduct regular inspections and preventative maintenance.

The experienced wildlife and rodent removal team at Trapping USA recommends that our customers contact us for a free inspection and a recommendation on a schedule for preventative maintenance.


Our inspection team will identify potential points of access where animals could enter your buildings, as well as weak points in your building’s defense that could become a problem in the future. Your building might not have an animal infestation presently, but a single animal could make its way into your property and create an entire colony very quickly.

Preventative Maintenance is Cheaper Than Cleaning Up an Infestation

Animals are an important part of our planet, but they can become destructive when they make a home in a manmade building. If your business isn’t currently under attack from a rodent infestation, the best step you can take to ensure you aren’t saddled with future damage repair is a program of proactive and efficient preventative maintenance from Trapping USA.

Did you know preventative maintenance can help your building qualify for a warranty against future infestations? Our methods come from years of experience in the industry, and we’re confident we can create an animal-proof property at your commercial property, small retail business, or your residential home. No project is too large for us to handle or too small for us to notice.

Preventative Maintenance is Cheaper Than Cleaning Up an Infestation

Some rodent infestations and wildlife problems are so costly that they require repair of the actual structure, and there’s also the danger that rodents could harm your employees or destroy your equipment, machinery, furniture, or inventory. As with many types of damage, preventing it from occurring in the first place will always be the least expensive option.


Eliminating the chance for wildlife to invade in the first place, as well as conducting regular inspections of your property, take less time and are much less of a headache than discovering damage after it has already occurred. Time and time again, we see that proactive business owners who enlist our preventative maintenance services experience less damage and costly repairs than property owners who call us after an infestation has already occurred.

Ensure the Safety and Happiness of Your Employees

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your employees work in a safe environment, and a rodent infestation can create a variety of dangers for your employees, customers, or anyone who visits your business location. Not only can rodents spread disease and make your employees sick, but they can also create safety problems when they destroy the actual building in which you conduct business.


Not only can rodent removal mean you have to send your employees home and close your business, but it can also mean you lose out on orders that you can’t fulfill while your business undergoes wildlife removal or infestation restoration work. Preventing the damage and infestation in the first place is the most fiscally responsible action you can take.

Let Trapping USA Help with Preventative Maintenance Against Infestations!

Your business will benefit from our preventative maintenance, and we’re confident in our ability to create an effective plan for eliminating the danger of rodent infestations. Get in touch today to arrange your inspection, so we can begin work on creating an effective schedule of preventative maintenance for your business.


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