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Our locally owned and operated company is made up of skilled professionals who are experts in pest control, ensuring proficient and professional resolution of any problem.

At USA Trapping Animal Removal & Pest Control, we excel in delivering top-tier pest control Flower Mound TX and its neighboring areas deserve. Recognizing the individuality of each home, we tailor our approach to effectively address pest issues. Our services encompass a variety of solutions, including:

  • Inspection and identification of pests
  • Treatment and removal of existing infestations
  • Prevention methods to avoid future infestations

We value safeguarding your home and the environment by exclusively employing eco-friendly products and ethical techniques.
From start to finish, we will work closely with you to ensure that all your pest control Flower Mound TX residential needs are met and exceeded. 

Our technicians advocate a holistic pest control strategy. Recognizing that every property and its residents have distinct needs, we provide tailored pest treatment plans to efficiently tackle your specific pest concerns. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest advancements in the industry, allowing us to employ innovative techniques and products for superior results. Some of our methods include:

  • Natural deterrents
  • Traps and baits
  • Exclusion barriers

We also prioritize prevention to ensure that your home remains pest-free in the future. This includes sealing entry points, removing potential food sources, and implementing proper sanitation practices. Our goal is not only to eliminate current infestations but also to prevent them from reoccurring.

Are you tired of unwelcome pests invading your home or office space in the DFW Metroplex?

Look no further! Trapping USA is your go-to pest control expert, specializing in comprehensive and effective solutions for both residential and commercial properties. We proudly offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a pest-free environment that promotes health and well-being.

basic plan

Initail Service $199

Starting at $35.99*/month

*Pricing based on house size, lot size, and other factors and does not include initial service and/or installation fees.


Initial Service $200

Starting at $59.99/month

*Pricing based on house size, lot size, and other factors and does not include initial service and/or installation fees.


Initail Service $240

Starting at $112.49/month

*Pricing based on house size, lot size, and other factors and does not include initial service and/or installation fees.

Flower Mound Pest Control Plans That Prove  Success

At USA Trapping Animal Removal & Pest Control, we are dedicated to upholding high standards of service and ensuring customer satisfaction. We recognize that managing pests can be distressing, so we aim to simplify and streamline the experience for our clients. Our expert technicians will perform a comprehensive assessment of your residence to pinpoint the origin and extent of the infestation. Following this, they will propose a tailored strategy designed to address your individual pest control requirements.

Flower Mound pest control plans are crafted not only to eradicate current pests but also to proactively prevent future infestations. With our Flower Mound pest control plans, we prioritize maintaining a safe and healthy home environment for you and your family.

Our exterminators employ a blend of treatment methods, utilizing eco-friendly products and humane techniques to efficiently eradicate pests from your property. We also provide follow-up services to ensure there is no recurrence of infestations. 

Our experts emphasize the necessity of regular pest control maintenance for various reasons. To begin, proactive pest control measures can stop major infestations by identifying and eradicating pests early on, preventing them from multiplying and spreading. This preventive approach is crucial for Flower Mound properties due to the warm climate that tends to draw in a diverse range of pests year-round.

Regular pest control treatments can also serve to pinpoint possible entry points for pests seeking access to your home. This proactive approach enables you to implement preventive actions by sealing off these identified entryways. Finally, regular pest control maintenance is vital for safeguarding your home against potential pest-induced damage, ultimately saving you money in the long term.

Our thorough service plans are crafted to keep pest issues at bay. Should a customer notice increased pest activity before their scheduled visit, our team is on standby to promptly arrange a re-treatment at no additional cost, putting customer satisfaction and peace of mind first. Whether you need a one-time targeted treatment or year-round protection, we have options available for you. 

Commercial Services With Results By Our Exterminator Flower Mound TX Business Owners Depend  On

Apart from providing residential services, our team excels in offering commercial pest control tailored for businesses of any scale. From healthcare facilities to our neighborhood restaurants, we are the trusted exterminator Flower Mound TX property owners can depend on to safeguard their reputation. Recognizing the significance of upholding a clean, pest-free setting for both your employees and customers, we provide personalized treatment strategies designed to meet the distinct requirements of every business.

Our skilled technicians will perform a comprehensive assessment of your property and create a tailored strategy to address existing infestations and prevent future ones. With our monthly maintenance packages, your business will stay pest-free year-round, combating ants, roaches, spiders, and other harmful pests. We also provide eco-friendly alternatives for businesses aiming to uphold a green and environmentally-conscious profile.

Avoid business disruptions or reputation damage from pest issues. Rely on our expert pest control services in Flower Mound, TX to maintain a pest-free commercial property. Contact our team today for swift assistance!

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