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Pest Control Addison TX Locals Trust

Our technicians use the latest techniques and products to effectively eliminate pests from your property and prevent them from coming back.

With over a decade of experience, Trapping USA Animal Removal & Pest Control is the go-to company for pest control Addison TX residents rely on for results. Our team of highly trained technicians are dedicated to providing effective and reliable pest control Addison TX residential or commercial services to homeowners and businesses in the area. As a locally owned and operated company, we understand the unique pest issues that affect our community and work tirelessly to provide customized solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Our pest control service plans cover a wide range of pests, including ants, roaches, spiders, rodents, and more. We also specialize in mosquito control to ensure your outdoor space remains free from these blood-sucking insects.

When you choose us for pest control Addison TX property owners can count on, you can trust that we will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Our goal is to provide long-term solutions that not only eliminate pests but also prevent them from returning. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and reliability. Give our local representatives a call today for more information on our service plans to protect you and your loved ones.

Are you tired of unwelcome pests invading your home or office space in the DFW Metroplex?

Look no further! Trapping USA is your go-to pest control expert, specializing in comprehensive and effective solutions for both residential and commercial properties. We proudly offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a pest-free environment that promotes health and well-being.

basic plan

Initail Service $199

Starting at $35.99*/month

*Pricing based on house size, lot size, and other factors and does not include initial service and/or installation fees.


Initial Service $200

Starting at $59.99/month

*Pricing based on house size, lot size, and other factors and does not include initial service and/or installation fees.


Initail Service $240

Starting at $112.49/month

*Pricing based on house size, lot size, and other factors and does not include initial service and/or installation fees.

Exclusive Addison Pest Control Services That Prove Success

Our exclusive Addison pest control services include:


  • Thorough inspection of your property to determine the extent of the pest infestation and identify potential entry points.
  • Customized treatment plans tailored to your specific pest issues, ensuring the most effective results.
  • Safe and eco-friendly Addison pest control treatments that target pests at their source, minimizing their impact on your home or business.
  • Ongoing monitoring and prevention strategies to keep your property pest-free for the long-term.
  • Responsive customer service and support, ensuring your questions and concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.

At Trapping USA Animal Removal & Pest Control, we prioritize the safety of our clients and their families and only use environmentally friendly methods that are safe for both humans and pets. Our professionals take the time to educate clients on preventive measures they can take to minimize future pest infestations. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge and giving them the tools to maintain a pest-free home or business. Give us a call today to see for yourself!

Effective Addison TX Pest Control Services Designed To Target Roaches

Roaches are known for their resilience and ability to multiply quickly, making them one of the most challenging pests to eradicate. Our Addison TX pest control services are specially designed to tackle these persistent invaders with precision and efficiency. Our approach includes:

  • Detailed inspections to locate roach hiding spots and breeding grounds within your property.
  • Application of advanced treatment methods that effectively eliminate roaches at every life stage, from eggs to adults.
  • Use of non-toxic, safe solutions that target roaches without posing risks to humans or pets.
  • Comprehensive advice on maintaining a clean and secure environment to deter future infestations.
  • Follow up visits and continuous monitoring to ensure long-term eradication of roaches from your property.

Our team is dedicated to providing effective, sustainable solutions to keep your home or business roach-free. Trust us to deliver the results you need with the utmost
Addison TX pest control professionalism and care. Our dedicated representatives are standing by to assist you with any questions or concerns you have about our superior pest control services.

The Exterminator Addison TX Businesses Can Depend On To Protect Their Reputation

For businesses in Addison TX, a pest infestation can be more than just an annoyance; it can also damage their reputation and cause financial losses. As a trusted exterminator Addison TX professional in the area, we understand the importance of protecting your business from pests and the negative impact.

We provide customized solutions to address businesses’ unique requirements, such as regular inspections and proactive monitoring to avert infestations, precise treatments targeting pest hotspots without disrupting daily activities, adherence to industry regulations for commercial pest control, and comprehensive reports for transparency and record-keeping. 


With Trapping USA Animal Removal & Pest Control services, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands. Don’t allow pests to tarnish your well-deserved reputation. Reach out to us today for dependable commercial pest control solutions.

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